Labour Services

Offered by Rouxders Business Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Rouxders Business Consulting provides professional labour related services to clients in a wide range of sectors. With 23 years of focussed experience in labour relations  and related disciplines,  together with extensive partnerships with other organisations in the field,  Rouxders Business Consulting is ideally positioned to support business with the sometimes intricate workings of labour relations and legislation.

Rouxders Business Consulting serves a wide range of clients in many sectors of the economy on a permanent basis as well as undertaking ad-hoc engagements. Rouxders currently services 80 clients in various industries. Many clients have been with the firm for many years due to continuing good results resulting from their association with the firm.

The marketing strategy of Rouxders Business Consulting has always been that of growing the business through good references of existing clients and has been very successful at that during the past 23 years.

Rouxders specialises in three categories:

Labour Relations

  • Advise and guidance on implementation and sustenance of well planned labour relations practise and procedure
  • Formulation and implementation of house rules, codes of conduct and related procedure documents
  • Provision of training and workshops on labour relations issues.
  • Assistance and guidance on the process of salary- and wage negotiations
  • Worker strike procedure management
  • Assistance and guidance on retrenchment process
  • Representation of clients at various bargaining councils through


  • General administrative assistance in all labour relations issues
  • Provision and assistance with all related statutory forms and procedures
  • Telephonic consultation all working hours and after-hours when available


  • Drafting and updating of all employment related agreements
  • Drafting disciplinary codes and procedure.
  • Drafting grievance codes and procedures
  • Assistance with employee and union relations
  • Facilitation and chairing of disciplinary hearings.
  • Representation on behalf of clients at CCMA hearings and procedures

Rouxders Business Consulting looks after the following industries:

− Manufacturing, mining and construction

− Financial Services

− Retail and entertainment

− Farming

− Cleaning Services

− Automotive

Contact Information:

Office:  012 999 3040      Email:      Address: Pretoria

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