Always ensure your CV is up to date with all the relevant info.

Your CV is delivered directly to our inboxes if you apply for any of our jobs on any job portal. Once we’ve matched you with a possible position, we will be in touch and set up an interview with you.

Info to include on your CV:

  • Ensure your CV is up-to-date
  • Contact details (personal details, contact number, area you live in, age, if you are disabled)
  • Qualifications and any relevant training (list the title, institution and date you completed it)
  • Current and previous positions with detailed responsibilities (please start with the most recent position)
  • Reasons why you left the company
  • Contactable references (someone you reported to in the past)
  • Computer skills and other notable achievements (memberships or professional bodies you belong to)

What to avoid when sending your CV:

  • Story telling - list your duties in bullet form instead of telling us a story
  • One worded duties, elaborate in detail what you did (e.g. do not just write "Budgets")
  • Avoid eccentric fonts, colors and formatting
  • A faxed/scanned CV - we will not be able to find you when doing keyword searches
  • Avoid adding unnecessary info (like income tax number or HIV status)
  • Check your CV for spelling and grammer errors (MS Word will underline words that need your attention)
  • Do not lie about your experience or qualifications

During our interview, you will need to bring us the following documents:

  • Copy of your ID and qualifications
  • Our completed application form
  • Signed personal indemnity form
  • Contactable references

If you are a match for a position, we will contact you to get any missing information and present your CV to our Client.

We deal on your behalf with the Client and will liaise with you regarding interviews, salary negotiations and offers.

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iStaff wants to reward you for helping a friend.

If you know anyone who is suitable for an advertised position, refer them to us and if they get placed, we will pay you R1 500. 

Please feel free to consult Chantelle Botha, an experienced Recruitment Strategist on how to prepare yourself for interviews.

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